Front End Frameworks supports all of the most popular javascript frameworks as well plain javascript.

Pure Javascript

The core front-end library for is the JavaScript Form Renderer & SDK library. This library allows you to embed forms within your application and communicate to the platform API’s.

The core formio.js library serves as the basis for all other framework libraries. It provides a full form renderer that is built entirely in javascript. Each additional framework has a wrapper around it that enables full interaction of the form with the underlying framework.

You can also use this library in any other javascript framework or natively in an html website.


The AngularJS library has two versions. The original AngularJS based libraries (2.x) and the new Core Formio.js based libraries.


The angular-formio library is based on the core libraries.


The React libraries come in two versions. The 1.x version is a renderer entirely built in React. The 2.x version is based on the Core Formio.js library.


The vue-formio library is based on the core libraries.